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Lionel train is the synonym of the modern toy train track. The name is also known for its quality products and durability.Lionel LLC has designed the model train track which entertains a lot of people and children through out the world.

When one looks at the life history of Lionel,they are sure to be wonder struck at the self confidence of this man, Joshua Lionel Cowen the man who designed and imported them worldwide.

The toy train model track is based in the Chesterfield Township, in the state of Michigan. Originally the Lionel Corporation went bankrupt. It was bought by General Mills. who tried to cut short the expenses. This resulted in low costs but the quality also began to deteriorate.

So they began to think of various methods which would reduce the costs and at the same time produce quality products.Thus the introduction of plastic instead of iron or steel or tin came into vogue.

In the year 1986 Richard Kughn, a real estate developer and a rail road enthusiast brought the trademarks from Genral Mills .Along with Neil Young, a musician and a model railroader,Kughn brought the digital system in these toys. So now children can watch and at the same time hear the sounds made by the engine and the bogies of the train. It made the new locomotive all the more interesting and fun. Children and even the parents began to enjoy them once again. Now the toy train became all the more enjoyable and entertaining to the children living all over the world.

In 1994 along with the help of a new technology called Train Master Command Control, they introduced a new technology whereby trains could be operated through sensor or remote control.In 1995, Kughn sold the company to an investment group which of course had Neil Young in their midst. This company earned the famous name Lionel LLC.

They also began to manufacture toys and also many accessories related to the trains. The O scale came under the manufacture of the Lionel brand. The S gauge accessories were manufactured under the American Flyer brand.In 2001, the Lionel brand started its manufacturing units in Korea and China.The company also gave its permission to many other companies to use the Lionel name.

The famous children’s film The Polar Express which was screened during the Christmas in the year 2004 also added to the reputation of Lionel brand of trains. Even today the train model called the Polar Express is a very popular toy train in the world of children. Unconsciously children began to link toy trains with Lionel brand. So it gained popularity among the children all over the world till the year 2012.

The model train track design gained prominence in the name Lionel. In the year 2006 as a new history, the electric train model was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Then the company faced many difficulties and lawsuits which accused many employers of stealing and selling the company secrets.Consequently those accused were fired and sent out.

It had to file for and against bankruptcy.It came out of bankruptcy on May 2008.Today they are known to the world as Lionel Electric trains. Little children all over the world enjoy playing with the products of Lionel trains.

They cannot forget the steam coming out of the locomotive or the digitalised perfect sound coming from them.In 2012 also Lionel Electric Trains have introduced many new accessories for all children.It has also introduced many new models with advanced electronical gadgets.

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