Model Train Inventory

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While it may seem unnecessary for the newbie, keeping track of your model train inventory can be a daunting task for those who have spent years adding to their collections.  Trying to remember every car or locomotive and what line is is, the manufacturer or when you purchased it is almost impossible once you’ve accumulated more than few trains worth of rolling stock. The solution: model train inventory software.

Model Train Inventory Software

I’m a big fan a databases as it’s part of what I do for a living and they’re the perfect vehicle for keeping track of you model train collection. Model railroaders have been creating these for years on their own using Microsoft Excel or Access, but now there are many available pieces of software for keeping track of your model train inventory, many of which have free trial versions you can download to try out.

model train inventory

model train inventory

As far as hobbies go, model railroading, is one of the most collection intensive, with collectors taking a lot of pride in their individual purchases of cars and locomotive for their trains. Most do not buy trains sets, but select each component of their model train inventory, individually. This makes remembering what price you paid, whether the car is one made by Lionel trains, or another manufacturer; or what era the car is from extremely difficult without some type of software.

Benefits of Model Train Inventory Software

Most of the available pieces of software out there perform the same functions. Here are some of the best selling points:

  • Allows you to record an unlimited amount of entries
  • Create quick report on your inventory
  • Unlimited model types ( such as Locomotive, rolling stock,passenger cars, etc) can be added for most software.
  • Upload a picture for each piece
  • Maintain separate inventory list for each scale
  • Track manufacturers
  • Keep records of purchase and values of current collection.(Great for insurance purposes.)

Some of the software available for keeping track of your trains requires certain operating systems or other pieces of software to run. Also, I have found some free software as well as paid to be available. Keep in mind that whatever software you choose to use to track your model train inventory that it will be difficult changing later on.