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Every child has a secret desire of running his own toy train and to design his model train layout which depicts exactly the ride he’d like to take if he was in an actual train. There are many model train track layouts which are mesmerizing and scenic.

You can actually take a ride in a train and figure out if you want to model the track route back at home.  Instead of buying premade track pieces some hobbyists decides to actually build their own train tracks from scratch.

Model train track layouts can be built by anyone but do require some precision. One needs to know how much radius one needs to put in on the curves. Be careful when doing the arcs and the curves along with inclinations on the model train tracks. A digital leveler can come in handy while designing those.

You get many precision tools to design model train tracks. Also first you need to figure out what type of gauge does you need. The most popular three gauges available are “HO”, “O” and “N” gauge. Generally people design their model train tracks on “HO “gauge, else it becomes either too big or too narrow.

One also needs to take care of the vertical clearance needed, for the train to pass through smoothly, while designing the tracks. You can have trees and bridges to make the track more scenic but make sure they do not pile up on the tracks; keep enough space on either side of the tracks – especially on the bends since the rail coach takes more space on the turns.

Equipment needed for building the tracks would not be too many. Some of these that you need are Rail-nipper for cutting tracks. Also carry a lot of rail road nails some half an inch long. The length could also be three quarters of an inch of you are looking for a firm track pinned deeply into the wood. This will give more stability to you rail road structure and would secure the rail coach as well.

Also don’t forget to but a nail holder which would come in handy when you are trying to hammer the track in the middle. A nail holder also helps in reducing the damage to the tracks when you miss a blow on the nail and the hammer could hit the track. So it’s better to be safe and use a nail holder, besides it would also help you in other household work like hanging a picture on the wall.

It’s seriously recommended if you are an enthusiast and plan to run many trains simultaneously on the track to have a track inspection car with a transparent base which would help you see right through where the wheels go awry or hit a bump on the tracks and where a nail which is not hammered enough is creating trouble.

If you want to completely avoid the part of making your own tracks, there is a ready-made model train track also available in the markets but they would not give you the pleasure of completely designing the train tracks yourself. Besides these, there are many other tools available like rail joiners, couplers which will hold the tracks together. Also spring throws which will speed your model train to huge speeds, giving enough momentum for them to run through the whole track.

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