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Toy trains came about in the early 1900’s. The trains became popular because of the detail and likeness to the real trains that people do business with. It was fascinating for collectors to have a train and a railroad with real electricity.

The original train was not meant to be a toy at all but was put on display at a store to be displayed as a store novelty. The railroad tracks were made out of brass and was powered by battery and a motor that was going to be used as an electric fan. People approached the store owner where the train was displayed and asked if they could buy the trains. That is when toy trains were put for sale.

The early trains that were made are bigger than the ones available for purchase these days. The rail road track was a three rail track. The outer rails were 21/8 inches apart from each other. The inches and size is what separated the trains from the competitors that were out at the time.

The trains became more popular during World War 1 and World War II. Early trains were painted with solid colors of enamel paint. The advertising was targeted at children while competitors advertising were made for the parents of children. The bright colors attracted the women’s buying decisions.

With model train track design you can use different settings from winter spring summer or fall, or just an idea landscape made up of mountains and hills. The design and layout can vary based upon how you want to set up the model trains environment around the model train. You have to think about how much space you would like to use and how you want to set your railroads up.

The track layout has pieces that are straight, switches, curves, turnouts, crossings and joiners. The right track will depend on the scale and gauge. The track layout will make the train go faster and seem more realistic based upon tracks that have less curves.

Trains with cargo can have curves tunnels and bridges and running coal. Some people model their toy trains on real landscapes that are around the hobbyist. Such ideas are inspired by a local town or local city that is close to the hobbyist. You can add a water landscape such as a river or a pond to your model track. The ideas are limitless and detail is limitless based upon the ideas of the person building the train and how much their budget is to expand their personal project.

The design could also be a future Martian design set in a space atmosphere made up by the hobbyist. You could raise your train lines to fit on mountain landscapes so that the train will go in a straight alignment for a while and then curve and then go up a hill or mountain top. If the hobbyist is into trying new things you can build the tracks around a circular object but would have to adjust certain details on the track and train in order for the train to stay in place while it is on a circular track.

The best part of having a model train set is you are the one that determines what is in the set and what is not in the set. The hobbyist can determine any limitless landscape with many novelties and items that add detail to your model train setup.

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